The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.

The Canada Sierra Leone Friendship Society purpose is to relieve poverty in Canada and Sierra Leone by providing basic necessities of life

Served Over


Orphans in 5 regions of Sierra Leone
  • Asia
  • Europe

You Have the Power Today to
Change Tomorrow!

In Sierra Leone, there are many people still struggling for a comfortable existence and we assist with making that happen. In Manitoba we distribute food from the "Attingal Restaurant" to others in need, perform Wellness checks of elders, giving scholarship to Sierra Leoneans dropout student and orphans to study at Oxford Learning Center and assist with transportation coupons at Main Street every two weeks.

Food, clothing or a gift that may offer others the opportunity to survive and thrive
Become a Volunteer
Become a Volunteer
Join us and help make the lives of others brighter, even for just one more day.

If you didn’t know, here’s a bit about us.

It's our mandate to help relieve poverty and advance education in Sierra Leone by providing vocational training for individuals in need as well as advance education by providing books, equipment, and educational aids to students in need.
  • Children's Charities
  • Women, Children & Family Charities
  • Children's Medical Charities
  • Human Care Charities
  • Women, Children & Family Charities
  • Human Care Charities


A quick view of our imapct in Sierra Leone and your donation at work

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“The unfortunate need people who will be kind to them; the prosperous need people to be kind to.”